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Which are your favorite magick tools in your possession & which are in your want list?

Whether purely decorative and you like them for their beauty, or whether you have imbued them with magickal powers and use them ritually, please list your favorite items that are in your private collection and those which you’d like to acquire.
I’m currently looking for a handheld (only) scrying mirror (black surface, not regular mirror) or a primitive scrying or opaque Mirror of Hathor but can’t find either currently. (Easy to find scrying mirrors but not handheld. Easy to find Hathor’s mirror but not scrying or non-reflective so far).
I guess my favorite would have to be my copper & crystal magick wand. I really like it since I started using it ritually. I might get a cool amulet pendant, maybe a Voodoo one not sure yet. I consecrated my one magick pendant yesterday. Can’t wait to use it.
Oh a pendulum, good one yeah! I wanted one a while back.


  1. The only “magickal” items that I have aren’t cleansed nor have ever been used, though I want a pendulum and an athame badly. If I ever have the chance to go into a New Age store, I can garuantee that I’ll go bankrupt within ten minutes. x.x

  2. I adore my censer. It’s beautiful! I have a wand that I made myself, but I can’t work with it very well as it is too light and might also be a bit short so I want a new one. I don’t trust myself with an athame as I’m very clumsy! I also like my bowl, which I use for several purposes (basically holding anything such as flowers, salt, food, offerings, loose incense, candles etc but I can’t put water in it because it has little holes in – it’s made from a half coconut!)
    – Joanna Eve

  3. I think you meant Magic NOT magick?
    I have many crystals, and stones, an Atheme, A alter, A book of shadows, a mortise & pestle, a lot of legal herbs, A bell, a bunch of candles, a cloak, and a Besom.

  4. I do have a little athame that I absolutely love. I also have an enormous scrying mirror that was a gift from a friend who once made personalized scrying mirrors. I wish she still did it because it’s beautiful. You can make your own, you know. I think that if you could find a handheld mirror that you could take apart, you could paint the back with black acryllic paint and then reattach it. You do have to paint the glass at least three coats, though. Good luck, and Blessings!


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