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which 5 people would you have [from all of history] to make your dinner party more interesting….?

all fitted with babelfish of course! if unfamiliar with bablefish check it out here:
my unpremeditated choices just this minute are:
douglas adams
groucho marx
aleister crowley


  1. 1… princess Diana 2…Hitler. 3…Henry the 8th 4…Kurt Cobain 5…Johnny Depp., Mind you, Mr depp is all for me.lol.

  2. cleopatra- eye candy
    napoleon bonaparte- just to let him have a good time
    sigmund freud- case studies of everyone
    beethoven- for the music and
    loeonardo da vinci- for his flamboyance!

  3. countess elizabeth bathory
    helen of troy
    siouxie sioux
    ilse koch [the bi.tch of buchenwald]
    louise brooks
    [that should stir things up, and provide the gents with some weird women to kop off with]

  4. Gianlorenzo Bernini, the renaissance architect and sculptor.
    King Harold, for leadership and courage.
    Joan of Arc for conviction.
    George F Handel, for music.
    Christopher Wren for sophistication and invention.
    Tomorrow the list could be different.
    For instance:
    Alexander the Great, the soldier.
    Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor.
    Edward III, King of England.
    Caravaggio, the artist.
    William Shakespeare, the writer.

  5. Plato and Socrates definitely. To worship them.
    St Thomas Aquinas. To argue with.
    Virgil and Dante to see whether “Inferno” is real. And if not to see whether Virgil is happy with Dante’s idolisation of him.

  6. Order of names is insignificant.
    Frank Lloyd Wright
    Emily Hahn
    Robert Redford
    Robert Frost
    Amelia Earhart


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