Where's the connection between metaphysical consciousness and neurological brain tissue?

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Iqbal E

Somewhere in between consciousness and semiconscious.

Vincent K, Atheati Mad Scientist

The electrical impulses generated and transmitted by said tissue.


How are you defining metaphysical consciousness?
Consciousness is a product of the brain.

God of Twelve Slaves

Actually science refers to that as the world knot, and as of late the exact location of it is unknown.


When the angel Gabriel visited Muhammad he took his heart out of his chest 1400 years ago with beams of light, put it in a bowl filled of ice, and cleaned it.
Later in the 70s doctors discovered heart surgery based on lasers and ice, all from ISLAM.
The main point was that the heart is independent from the brain, the only organ, it also points to the fact that the heart has brain cells and can think, Jesus was right.


metaphysically speaking – its the point where the unmanifested aspect of nature or reality passes a barrier called the aia into the physical plane and becomes physical matter .
for instance :
when a star goes supernova – the outer parimiter of the expanding explosion of matter is compsed of light which is a form of energy that is exisiting in a super high speed . as the light expands out into the universe it slows down and becomes heavy basic particals (atoms and subatomic structures) therefore what was once simple energy has now become complex matter. this matter (atoms and subatomic structures) filters out into the universe – blends with things like stars and planets over billions of eons of time – eventually and only GOD knows how long – this matter becomes part of the human, plant or animal anatomy which as we all know retains some level of awareness. SO – what was once just energy has now become something “supernatural” aka – consciousness and will again someday return to its inital state of pure energy and repeat the cycle.
heres a simple formula to demostrate
light —->matter—–>complex physical bodies—–>consciousness——->
complex physical matter———->basic matter————->light
repeat – lol
this is of course a simple laymans explination – want the real answer? ASK GOD .


What do you mean, where’s the connection? They’re both essentially the same thing. Consciousness is simply a certain kind of pattern in the brain tissue, a pattern that fits certain criteria. Asking what the connection is between the brain and consciousness is like asking what the connection is between a hard drive and a file stored on that hard drive. There’s really no meaningful separation between them, save in semantic terms.


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