Where's the best/cheapest place (in the USA) to dig for gemstones priced by the day?

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I’m interested in all gemstones: black opal, amethyst, citrine, quartz, aquamarine, etc. I especially am interested in the unusual-like the black opal. I’d prefer sites in the southeastern part of the country; Georgia in particular.
Don’t just give me the name of a state. States are big. DUH! Where in the state? How about the name of a mine? THIS would answer the question. I already know there’s gems all over the SE part of the country and in every state. I just need to know WHERE, WHAT TOWN, WHAT’S THE NAME OF THE BUSINESS THAT ALLOWS PRIVATE MINING?

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Jenni L

There’s a diamond mine in Arkansas that you can go to to “pan” for diamonds. Very recently, someone found a 100+ carat diamond in that pit.


North Carolina has a few, but I have never visited them.

Adam S

The Four Corners area, where they have the giant gem show and gathering every year.


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