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Wheres a good place to start on the study of "After Life" and Reincarnation.?

Last few months I have been really curious about “after Life” and “crossing over” not only that but my curiosity on reincarnation is beginning to grow. If you could recommend any books, or study material on where to begin that would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your help in advance!


  1. library But don’t expect much. Nothing after death has been documented. A more productive pursuit might be looking for a needle in a haystack.

  2. The best place is to start with the Truth about Reincarnation . Study the Crucifixion and Jesus’s words to the Thief on the cross who took him to Paradise with him. then Go to Luke 16:19 and see that Spirits of the dead are not left on this earth.
    What reincarnations call memories of the past is Communing with Demons ! They have access to our memories and have a universal knowledge of people. These are False memories and a lie presented by Satin and His minions!
    Religions have been started by Demons many times , recorded in Biblical History and in the Bible.
    The worship of Baal and Asherothe the two main demons of used by Satin have inspired the Wiccian movement and will be his major allies in the end time!
    Please remove your self from this trap of Satin and seek the True God Jesus the Christ.

  3. It’s an exciting area to look into. I would recommend any books written by Ian Stevenson or Roy Stemman in terms of reincarnation and the original books by Raymond Moody in regards to near-death experiences of the after life (he was the doctor whose research first brought the cases to public attention in modern times). You can probably get them for practically nothing from a good second-hand book shop.
    ‘Incredible Coincidence’ by Alan Vaughan is another classic if you like books which ask a lot of interesting questions.

  4. Past Lives, Future Healing by Sylvia Browne, Soul Survivor by Bruce and Andrea Leininger or any of the Raymond Moody books mentioned.
    Good luck!


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