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Where/how can I start to learn magic?

I’ve been reading about LaVeyan Satanism. And on of the ‘earth rules’ says “Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.”
And from what I understand, Aleister Crowley also studied magic and bought his house in scotland just to preform a certain complicated magic ritual, and that was the only house he could find that had a specific layout.
I’m just curious, I want to explore this a bit deeper. Where do I start?


  1. Wikipedia’s actually pretty good for some background info. And look on Amazon and pagan forums for books. Is it Satanism you’re interested in, or are you exploring different paths? ‘Cause you can practice magic independently of a faith; it’s just a craft after all. Magic doesn’t have to be complex, you just need intent. Try meditating on something that you want to happen (just something little to start with, you don’t want to drain yourself), and imagine it happening. Focus on summoning your own power to make the change happen; you can visualize it as a light or something, whatever helps. You don’t really need all those fancy tools anyway; the main instrument of magic is your mind.
    And practice makes perfect! Just don’t jump in at the deep end.

  2. Magic does not exist.
    I have never heard of any of the names, or sources you mention. If these people perform real magic, then why haven’t I heard of them? Because they do not perform magic.
    Satanism is the worship of satan. satan is the force that wants to lie to you, confuse you, destroy your life, and kill you. satan wants to take away all happiness in your life. Giving in to evil things, like lying, stealing, gossiping, hurting people, and MAGIC will only help ruin your life.
    If you want to explore it deeper, please consult with your local church.
    Jesus loves you and died for you. He only wants your love. Please look into Him, for your sake.

  3. I would say dont get into Satanic or Black Magick since you are not trained extensively in its practice. Black Magick is dangerous because you call upon “demonic” forces to do your bidding. But unfortunately its hard for a mortal human being to control these awesome powers so i would start with simple nature magick usually used in Wicca. Then you can step up to the black magick when you are ready if you so desire.
    Also, dont listen to these jesus freak christians. They are liars, they worship a false god and a false messiah.


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