Home Discussion Forum where would one get a good book of shadows from?

where would one get a good book of shadows from?

i want a good quality book not some thrown together fake. im nw to all this so dont really know whre to start.bless be


  1. The best book of shadows is one you make yourself, through practice and experience. That said, if you don’t know where to start, look for someone to apprentice under who can guide you along your path.

  2. Book of Shadows (Books of Shadows?) are something you make, like a magical notebook type thing. You can get a 66 cent notebook from Walmart and it can be your BOS.

  3. There is no one, singular, generic book of shadows. Each book is personally made, and each is different. There are not two alike. You can obtain blank ones from either metaphysical shops, or online pagan stores, but then you get what you pay for. Your best bet would be to make your own using a binder. It’s simple, easy and you can move stuff around when you get enough information to warrant sections.

  4. You cannot purchase a real book of shadows. You must instead compile it yourself. One helpful step is to find a teacher or guide to help you on your way. But in the interim, just starting to journal about your spiritual experiences can be a good beginning for a book of shadows. Keep a record of ceremonies or workings with which you are involved. There. Let it grow organically.

  5. Well, you get it from *you* . . . 🙂
    A Book of Shadows is a very personal, highly individual thing. The one that you make for yourself (which is where you write and record your spiritual journey, the ritual work that you do, and all else in your walk) will be unique – just as you are from everyone and everything else in this Universe. My suggestion is that you just go out into the world and look for something – a notebook, journal, blank book . . . any number of variations on those would work rather well for this purpose – and you’re looking for something that seems to call your name and draw you in. Sure, you may like the cover or the feel of the pages under your skin. Perhaps it has a scent that’s pleasant but that you just can’t quite place for some reason. Whatever it is, you’ll know it and, more importantly, you’ll know that it’s yours and that it’s been meant for you to use just for this purpose.
    In a lot of ways, your Book of Shadows is rather a lot like your spiritual diary. Granted, it’s a rather simplistic explanation, but it worked for me when it was explained to me that way back when I was beginning. And it served me well until I started to blossom and branch out. Anyhow, trust and listen to your instincts regarding this and you’ll be just fine. 🙂 Hope this helps!

  6. Yep, like most of your answerers have already said to you. You cannot buy a complete BOS. You need to make your own. For my first one I just got a small leather bound journal with lined pages (my handwriting is atrocious so I needed the lines). I wrote in there everything I learned and experienced. So, an excellent thing to start with (if you follow it) would be either drawing out the wheel of the year and or the Wiccan Rede. If you can, find yourself a teacher. This will help immensely. Failing that, treat it just like a journal. Write in there all your thoughts and feelings of everything that strikes you as a spiritual experience. Meditate, then write about what you experience in meditation. – enjoy your journey!


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