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where was the meditation philosophy originate first time in this world?

provide me the link must be nice too.
Q2 : what’s Vedas religion? does Vedas practice meditation? which group of ppl believe in Vedas religion?

first of all, I’m a foreigner, I my grammar isn’t that good but I can read and understand english language well. anyone who give a stupidity or sarcastic answer will be blocked.

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9 years ago

this is basically copy-paste from my previous post, but it still valid:) There is no exact answer as to who invented meditation, the practice has been around for hundreds of years, but we have been unable to find the “creator”. The earliest written record of meditation is found in five thousand year old Hindu scriptures. It occurs right around the beginning of Buddhism! However we also know that meditation has been practiced all over the world, especially as a part of some kind of spiritual belief and religious practice, though it takes many forms and is done in a variety… Read more »

9 years ago

like i said before, meditation was most likely practiced very early in human history (by a lot of different groups of people) before the invention of writing, so it would be impossible to know for sure.

Vicious Fishs
Vicious Fishs
9 years ago

have u tried google/?

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