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Where to learn more about Thelema?

I have a feeling there are a couple (if not more?) Thelemites reading questions here, and I am looking for recommendations of good resources for learning more. To be honest, I picked up a copy of Liber AL and had a hard time dealing with the style, but after reading some of the Wikipedia entry, I’m interested in a more layman’s term idea about Thelema. I think that what I know is wrong, and I want to fix that.
Any recommendations for research, or any informatoin folks want to share about hteir knowledge of Thelema would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Wish I could help you.
    I’ll check around off line and see what I can find.
    Aug 6 update: Ask around with the folks I know. Didn’t really find out anything more helpful then a good web search.

  2. I’ve read a little about it but I’m not sure of the accuracy. You could try this site:
    There are links and recommended reading at the bottom.
    You could also try this site. At the bottom you can google the site with the key word “Thelema”.
    Sacred Texts has quite a bit under the heading of “Thelema”.
    Hope this helps.


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