Where online can I find a Psychic / Medium that might be able to help with a missing girl case?

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There is a missing girl, age 16 in my area. Shes been missing for 11 days now and we basically need any help we can get to find her. Are there any mediums out there that might be able to help, that are real? Maybe someone who can read photos or something?? Please let me know…..

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Cye Muthaphukkin Gwazi

Psychics are jokes. The trolls are the only real help other than the parents/friends of the child.

Simon P

Theres not any, psychics dont exist. Anyone who would pretend to be psychic and take advantage of a situation like that deserves to go to jail.


You’d do better if you found someone who was extremely close to the girl.


http://www.liveperson.com/cloud-9/ email her, she’s pretty good.


.I’ m a psychic medium and i can help you to find this missing girl.
I have a a website : http://www.vimedium.com .
Can you send informations about this missing with an enclosed photo of this girl through this website : http://www.vimedium.com .
Yours sincerely


I will try my best …. I need her name and i will tell you as much as i can e-mail me at


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