Where online can I buy a handheld scrying mirror of Hathor, please?

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I’ve found the mirror of Hathor but it’s not a scrying mirror, just a regular handheld mirror with Hathor handle. What I’m looking for must be scrying (please see below for details).
I’ve tried eBay and googled. Maybe your Google will pick up things mine doesn’t?
Scrying mirror: you can’t see yourself in it. It’s got a black (or dark) opaque surface.
Handheld: it’s small, round and it’s got a handle
Hathor: Egyptian goddess. Her representation should be somewhere on the mirror (either as the handle itself or at back)
I will also consider a small handheld scrying mirror (without Hathor).
Any help greatly appreciated. Links particularly appreciated. Thank you! =)

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Michelle D

My advice? If you are seeking something that specific, you will have the best chance of finding it if you create it yourself.
To match your exact criteria I would suggest:
*Purchase a wood and rubber hair brush, like this http://www.amazon.com/Wood-Hair-Brush-Metal-Pins/dp/B001ANOQ6U
*Remove the rubber portion (with the bristles) from the brush. Often the rubber section is very poorly adhered and can be pulled right out. This will leave you with the base for your scrying mirror.
*Any decoration should now be done to the wood hairbrush. Decoupage, carve, burn, paint, stain, gild, sharpie, etc. your chosen depiction of Hathor. Remember to leave a blank where your glass will sit! Curved horns framing where your mirror will go, as Hathor’s headdress frames the sundisk would be quite cool. Do whatever inspires you, there is a wealth of material to draw from when it comes to Hathor’s mythology and symbology.
*Purchase a piece of glass. Since cutting glass is a rather tricky process, I recommend buying a piece the correct shape desired. An oval picture frame (with the glass) from a thrift shop should cost only cost a buck or two. Any piece of oval glass, smaller than your chosen hairbrush, -that you can see through- will do. Make sure to account for how the glass will fit with the designs you have already done to the hairbrush. Craft stores, hobby shops, thrift stores, etc are all excellent places to search for glass. I once did a project using microscope slides, so look in odd places!
*Take that lovely piece of see-through glass and clean it very well with a glass cleaner of your choice. Next, paint one side, and only one side, black. Acrylic paint, oil paint, spray paint, nail polish, anything that will stick to glass. You might want to test your method on a separate/junk piece of glass first.
*Let your glass dry.
*Glue the glass to the hairbrush black side down. Since the back is painted black, the color the glue dries does not matter, so any strong glue should work fine (or you can buy the special glue for glass which costs about $2.50, up to you).
Ta da! You now have a handheld, entirely personalized, scrying mirror. Total material cost is probably $10-20, depending on where you found your materials, and what was lying about around the house.
Good luck!


On my website….I have a few small scrying mirrors for sale here : http://www.etsy.com/shop/SecretWindow?section_id=7278312


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