Where is there an easy Feng Shui guide?

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Hi I have been trying to feng shui my bedroom and I have purchased many books and other things, but there just seems to be too many rules I cant grasp it all. I just want to know what colors/energies to put in each directions of the room. Is there a good source anyone can give me to get a laymans guide to feng shui?

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Mike B

There is a book FENG SHUI for dummies. It is part of the for dummies book series. It is easy to understand and is simple…GOOD LUCK


again, if you read fengshui books and try to make sense of the info in them – they won’t make sense. even i have read fengshui for dummies before, and the info inside the book is useless.
i learned fengshui by attending fengshui seminars held by some masters.
i don’t think that there is 1 book nor website that details everything. the fengshui article in wikipedia.org enumerates the techniques, which forms the core of chinese fengshui. but it does not explain how to use them.
it is difficult to have a good fengshui in your house esp if your house is already built and you are on a tight budget. because you need some renovations in the house.
fengshui is not what most people think it is. i think many authors have written about the bagua method or the black hat fengshui that do not work.
if you read the wikipedia fengshui article, 1 of the techniques is called xuan kong fei xing or flying stars. in this one, the kind of life you have depends upon the distribution of good chi areas and bad chi areas in your house, and how you use these areas to your advantage.
if you live more at the good areas, then the good things happen in your life, and life will be easier. if you live at the bad areas, even by mistake, because you did not know, then bad things happen like unnecessary expenses and accidents happen. thus, fengshui is never about beliefs, because you don’t need to believe it for it to happen or affect you.
this distribution depends upon the facing degree of your main front door. so, in theory, if you know how to use the method to calculate for the chart of the house, you can shift the distribution of the good areas to enhance the rooms where you live more by tilting of change the facing degree of your front door, which is the main source of yang energy.
so, you cannot directly manipulate these energies to put them or take them out from a room. remember these energies (and the 5 elements) are more powerful than human beings – because they are a part of nature.
get the 2nd edition, it has more exercises at the back of the book: http://www.amazon.com/Master-Course-Feng-Shui-Eva-Wong/dp/1570625840/ref=pd_bbs_sr_4?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1203608033&sr=8-4
it teaches the flying stars method or xuan kong fei xing method of fengshui


If you want to make each room or corner in your house with different color, you can use the chart:
But Feng Shui specialists use one rule for colors: colors should be balanced. If you feel that you like the color and you want to have it in your room, then it is definitely good feng shui)


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