Where is the mystery of life that remains occult to the eyes of eager limitation ?





lol rydle you need to get over yourself and dont call me names when according to your questions you hate people of color , so whos really brainwashed here?


  1. Oh wow.
    I’m blown away by your talent to pose question-less questions without any desire for an actual answer.

  2. G In the three thousand effects of a single thought. This doctrine reveals what you want to see/perveive and forces nothing on you but responsibility for your perception.
    Daffodil Dialogue
    Your shadows move with the sun
    Grasses, gases, in and out
    Of the earth and dewy sparkle
    Brother tree and sister moss
    Where are we all headed?
    This spot in cosmic soup
    Of unknown dimensions
    On which some, like you, eat light
    And some eat others
    Is changing so
    We mobile ones who learned to speak
    Trading senses known and unremembered
    Cogitate and procreate
    In rampant drive
    The rule has been “because I can!”
    We who transmit learning to our spores
    In long and complex ways
    Have taken to extinction orgy
    In procreation, power drive
    You, who are both with us and apart
    Who are older and younger
    Fast and slow, wise and foolish
    You, without whom we cannot live
    Maintain your silence
    While we, who scan for our like near other stars
    Are brilliant and confused
    Generalist Sep 08

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