where is the best University to get a diploma for Crystal ball reading, Horoscope science, palm reading …?

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… Astrology and faith healing using God Al Mighty inspired man written books?

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The Harlequin

You do realize everytime you post a question, you lose 5 points, right?……………………….


twin towers university


oh wow
uh your local religious edifice


Laughing hard here, but um yeah, probably Astrology. Or just read the Internet.


God All Mighty and crystal balls. I don’t think so.
Get a life.


Sweetheart, those are all things that you don’t need to pay for, things that you can develop on your own! <3 Don't spend money to develop talents that you already have =D Trust your deity and believe that you can do those things!


You can study cultural astrology alongside astronomy at Bath Spa university in England


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