Where is the best place to purchase a crystal ball for gazing? Price wise and quality wise?

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zee zee

try ebay


The world is a crystal.
Don’t waste your money.
They are kinda cool though.




There are good deals on eBay, and also check out Pyramidcollection.com. They have gorgous stuff, and fairly reasonable.

Pangel - Many Paths

some have given you a few links …
but please dont think that the bigger the better or anything
the one that worked best for me was a very small one that had flaws in the crystal
so go with what feels right to you
I wasted money on a large clear one that I just cant work with


Try auction sites like Ebay. Or, local shops. Like Pangel said, don’t be tempted to go for an elaborate one just because it’s fancy or expensive. You don’t even need to get a “crystal” ball per say, there are nice ones made of glass, too. Clear quartz would run up the price BIG TIME, depending on it’s clarity and size. You can even try looking for hematite or obsidian balls, or even non-spherical tumbled stones, which can be found at any new age type shop. Traditionally, those stones are very good for scrying.

Exquisite Crystals

Tumbled stones are a great first stone to try when beginning your journey with crystals. Don’t focus on the details about the stone; rather, let the stones choose you.


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