Home Discussion Forum Where is the best place to buy affordable stones, crystals etc?

Where is the best place to buy affordable stones, crystals etc?

Please include websites, do not just say ebay…if thats the case dont post. I want an actually webpage that gives details on how big the stones are and prices…the more sites listed with your answer WINS! Im actually looking for tumble stones and or crystals. EX: chakra stones, also for healing and spiritual use. Thanks, yall.
Dont say jesus heals or dig in your backyard. Dont be stupid…Im asking a question. If you reply then answer with good answers. Otherwise go shot yourself. Thanks again 🙂


  1. I dig my stones out of the ground. That way they are free. Quartz crystals are so common, all you gotta do is dig.

  2. You can still pray while using chakra stones. There is nothing in the bible that says though shall not use stones. infact jesus was said to have the wholey grail which is from wood and he was a healer and he wasn’t the only one probably used stones himself just like many healers now adays. Herbs, stones, prayer belief all parts of healing rituals symbols and all sorts of stuff. include that with your prayers in healing you’ll get good results.


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