Home Discussion Forum where is the best place in a bedroom to position your bed?

where is the best place in a bedroom to position your bed?

i was reading something about how you shouldnt have your bed directly in front of your door as it causes negative energy,
lol some funny answers , but you all know what i mean. doooh


  1. In all honesty, the best place to put it is where it feels most comfortable for you. Try different places, until you find somewhere you like!

  2. I also find that putting the bed directly in front of the door makes it difficult to get in and out of the bedroom.

  3. According to “Vaasthu”, your feet should not be pointing towards the door of the room: head should not rest towards north direction. Other than that, close to window, when possible, when safe, is good!

  4. Probably best not to have it opposite the door if you can avoid it but also and more importly best not to cover the radiator dont with the bed – definitely dont have it or a window at your head.

  5. This is what I have heard:
    The dead sleep in a cross way compared to the living. They are laid with heads pointing to West while feet pointing to East.
    Your head should point North while your feet point South. Something to do with magnetic power.
    Also you should check for underground running water. If you have underground river in the place you position the bed is apparently bad for you. You should be able to check for water with a V shape brunch, you hold the ends with both hands with the point forward, away from your body, your hands resting on your hips. If you walk over water the brunch lifts up, I have actually tried this, it works if you are heading to a bath with water. Well at least you can have fun finding out if there is a river under there and try to avoid it.

  6. I always set my bed across from a window. You do not want to block your heating sourse that are usually on your outside walls.

  7. Your not suppose to have your feet facing the door!
    Ive not got a clue, as long as it looks nice i say go fro it!


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