Home Discussion Forum Where is the best lava rocks for a sweat lodge?

Where is the best lava rocks for a sweat lodge?

Native American Sweat Lodge?


  1. Anna – don’t you live on a rez? Don’t you have an elder or older woman you could ask? There are only a few natives here in YA and if I tell you were I go to get my rocks can you really go to the same place? Think about it. Besides which – you don’t use just lava rocks. Just don’t use rocks picked up from or near a stream. They will explode when heated.

  2. why? A sweatlodge leader and their family would know this. Only a sweatlodge leader should be running a sweat. That person should be Native and should be able to name their teachers, their teachers teachers, their rez etc. Just that you need to ask tells be you need to go to your rez and find the teachers cause right now it sounds like you don’t have any, or at least non that are legit.

  3. no clue…we don’t use sweat lodges. but i agree with the other answers. some things need to be asked at home, not on the internet. and sweat lodges are nothing to mess around with. people who don’t know any better die every year from messing around with things they shouldn’t be messing with.


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