where is our body navel chakra/point?

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hi guys,
i am still not sure , where exactly is our navel chakra/point?

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G vaughn H

its right behind you


It’s around the lower abdomen.

zee zee

at the navel


I like the question!
Well, there are actually 7 chakra points. The lower spinal cord, the pubic region, the stomach, the heart, the throat, the mind, the top of the head.
There are 7 levels, with the top of the head always the highest level.
1. Head
2. mind.
3. throat.
4. heart
5. stomach
6. groin
7. lower spinal cord
In meditation, start with the lowest chakra, the lower spinal cord, and imagine your chakra to be like a muscle, loosening and opening up. Contracting and then releasing, and gently letting itself go. Try and perceive what kind of colors you see, how your body feels, and what you think about it.
The lower chakras ae notoriously less illuminated than the higher ones. The lower chakras have been described as dark colors such as brown and black, the higher chakras as light or orange auras.
You can control your spirit, your subtle breath, as it moved in and out of the chakras. Find a professional teacher to show you exactly how to do it. It is an energizing activity.

Champion of Knowledge

Does the word “navel” not give you a clue?

Mr. E

“The location of this chakra is not at the Solar Plexus, but also not at the navel. Actually it’s somewhere in between, and not at the front of the body, but near the spine. Here the name Navel chakra is preferred, because it’s more neutral than Solar Plexus chakra, and it doesn’t suggest a function that isn’t there in this chakra.”

Everard G

It is a coupla inches (50mm) below the navel and just in front of the spine.


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