Where is heaven or if you believe in reincarnation?

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I was just wondering where do you think Heaven is? How many of you think if you are in Heaven do you keep to check in on your loved ones and help them out when needed some times? If you beleive in reincarnation, how long does it take for you to come back?

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A constant rebirth is everlasting life


BILLIONs of mi away!!!!!!!!!!1
theres no reincarnation…..but some of us will have ETERnal life..


constant rebirth is not heaven in my opinion..lots of western cultures belive that heaven is achived when you achive moksa!! i belive in reincarnation. And if you did lots of sins in your life the worse your life is going to be in next life..and if you did lots of good in past life than the next life is going to be really good..

Songbyrd JPA ✡ Jewish Lawyer

Heaven is out of time and space. It has no location in relation to us.
As to part two, I think when you are ready to continue your education.


“You” never come back. Your being is passed on, but not your personality, your memories, your loves or your hatreds. In effect “you” just vanish, and someone or something else takes over where you left off.

David B

Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts and Cocoa Beach Florida.


Heaven is a place where no one on Earth has been so therefore, no one on Earth can tell you where it is. If heaven is, then it must be in another inaccessable dimension. I believe in reincarnation and it takes no time at all to come back because death is like sleep, a state where the passage of time is not experienced……which strongly hints that the passing of time is a man made pheniomena to measure intervals between events……..Heaven is a place of perfection complete and on the Earth there is nothing perfect…..so to find heaven on Earth is impossible……

Cathy M

I do believe in reincarnation, but I don’t believe we HAVE to reincarnate. It’s kind of like school. You don’t have to go to school…you can be home schooled and you don’t have to go to college, that is a choice you make. I think reincarnation is like that. We can choose to come here and learn more and advance faster, or we can stay on the other side and learn at a slower pace. I don’t think there is any negativity on the other side so the chance to grow is slower. We tend to learn more when we are going through tough times than when things are good. It wouldn’t be ‘heaven’ if there were negativity there.
Where is heaven you ask? Right there…just beyond reach! The Other Side is about 3 feet above our realm…that is why spirits and ghosts seem to be floating. Or so I have been told. I believe it is a place where our spirits go after our bodies die, to rest and decide if we want to do it again. Time is different on the other side so it seems like a shorter time span than it is. I think that it depends on how well you learned what you came to learn and how your transition is as to how soon you reincarnate.

Anthony Quinata

Speaking as someone who speaks with those who have died and crossed over, I can tell you what I’ve been told. I can’t tell you how many times those who have passed away have told those they have left behind, through me, “I’m closer to you than you can imagine.”
Some have compared it to Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz” looking into the crystal ball, seeing and hearing Auntie Em. She cries out for Dorothy, and Dorothy calls out, “I’m right here!” but Auntie Em can’t hear her.
I’ve come to understand that Heaven, the “Other Side,” whatever you want to call it is a state of being in which we vibrate at a much higher frequency. It’s also a place that is much more “real” than the material world we believe in.
The “guides” everyone talks about? They’re typically your loved ones who have gone before you.
Part of their spiritual journey now that they’re in Heaven is to help you on your spiritual journey here. They can’t interfere, or even tell you what to do with your life. They can only suggest, and inspire.
It’s been explained to me that it’s kind of like teaching a child to ride a bike. If you hold onto the seat of the bike, they never learn how to ride it. If you run along side them, encouraging them, steadying them when they start to wobble, and helping them up and comforting them when they fall, then sooner or later they can ride the bike without you.
But, sooner or later, “school” ends for everyone. That’s when we’re called back home. When we die, we all go through a life review during which we are judged, but not by God. We judge ourselves.
Afterwards, we place ourself in a “level” that reflects our enlightenment. The more we learned to love while we were here, the higher the level we place ourselves, and the “closer” to God.
As I mentioned before, our journey continues on the Other Side. Because it’s easier to learn the lessons of love here, we may choose to come back for another session of schooling. But we don’t come back alone. We come back with those we loved and who loved us. But I’ve been told it takes several generations to make that decision.
So it’s not like you’ll cross over, and look for someone you loved deeply here on Earth, only to hear, “He (she) left (was reincarnated) 10 minutes ago.
Sorry so long winded, but you ask great questions, and I wanted to give you an answer worthy of the question.


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