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Where is a good, free, magick teaching website or someone who will teach me?

I want to learn real Magick but I don’t have money to spare. So can someone teach me online or give me a website that can teach me magick. I need it to be free.


  1. Just browse some web pages and find what you need. Be Very careful of what you do, Every thing comes back 10 fold.
    Decide what your intentions are before you start anything.
    There are 3 things to research, Wicca, Pagan, and Witch craft.
    Use keywords to find what you need associated with these. Also I have found candle magik is very helpful if done right.
    Good luck
    Blessed Be

  2. Here is a whole list of online schools for witchcraft, Wicca and other such practices that include magical teachings.
    I’ve not utilized any of them except for witchschool.com (which I wasn’t thrilled with), so I don’t endorse any of these personally, but many list a beginners online course for free, and then you would have to become a paying member to continue with other more advanced or specialty courses.
    Just keep in mind – you get what you pay for (or don’t pay for as the case may be.) You may learn some valuable lessons and helpful things, but for free courses, take it all with a grain of salt and trust your own judgement.
    I would suggest these books for your magic studies (amazon used book section is a good resource for the witch on a tight budget!) Perhaps you could find them at your local library as well:

  3. Research Important figures of the occult world (Aleister Crowley springs to mind) and keep an open mind.
    It is a very long road, but if you want a “quick fix” then search for “Chaos Magick” there are a few good printable pdf documents available if you search around for Chaos magick pdf’s etc.
    Now you can jump right in with some practical magick that really works with the chaos system of sigil magick.
    Remember it is important to maintain a solid understanding of social “reality” and know that for every TRUE magickian there are 1000 charlatans and “witches” with nothing more than overactive imaginations 😉

    • a part of learning is dedication, online course can only help you somewhat If you’re looking for a free online magic school then try witchtopia.com I’ve been a member there for over two years now


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