This is a serious question which must be shared by professionals whose spouses are involved with stalkers in counseling, attorney-client situations and many other types of work. If boundary issues exist which one partner cannot control to protect the other, then what can anybody do in a world where a court order is like an invitation to battle for misguided troublemakers? Not everybody has her or his own gang or family police unit for support. So getting caught beyond one’s preparation happens to the most predictively oriented as well.


  • Where I live is safe. The only thing you have to worry about is the animals watching you while you undress. Those darn little squirrels are sure nosey. The deer are like watchdogs. When they run away you know there’s something that spooked them, like the neighbors cat. The only thing I have to worry about is when I go out into the yard at night is not to get run over by the deer. oh, and there’s an otter (Charlie) that’s pretty scary looking too.

  • only where respect is a prominent feature in society. In my opinion todays legal profession are like the new mafia, corrupt professionals and politicians don’t even make the news these days, In england particularly I believe the old system of people as cannon fodder still exists except for the rich who do what they like knowing they can buy their way out of most situatios even rape in many cases. I think finding a place where you can livesafely without getting raped now exists only in the mind. I think properly controlled Brothels whether we like them or not would play a great part in reducing attacks and make life a bit easier but not totally stop it. The way we dress and act in public although it shouldn’t plays a large part. Unfortunately the answer to your question is UTOPIA doesn’t exist

  • I feel you have some paranoia issues….I used to feel that way but you and only you can change your outlook on your environment. There is no SAFE place anywhere because danger is all around us in all kinds of forms. Get some counsiling and come to terms with your fears.

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