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Where in the US has a large Pagan community?

My husband and I are looking to move out of the Midwest bible-belt to find a place, still in the US, where we can be ourselves and not have to hide. What would be some good places to start looking?
Please, no anti-Pagan rhetoric. Serious answers only.


  1. The “Bible Belt” is actually the South East, any former Confederate State. You are talking about the “Sun Belt” because of all the farming done in the Midwest.
    Indian reserves probably would be more accepting of paganism.

    • I come from Arkansas, the bible belt, but we do have a surprisingly large “underculture” of pagans here, pagans of all kinds.Although, it’s somewhat difficult to track them down-because every 1/2 mile has churches across from one another,
      there are spiritual rituals lead by shamans at a very nice place in the woods called, the “Starlight Ridge” (Maumelle, Arkansas [Little Rock area]).
      It’s of a Native American tradition and very open and accepting. I’ve been on several spiritual journies there. They have sweat lodges, spiritual cleansings, cooking, teachings and other events with means of spiritual and social connections. These women are Sweethearts and shamans too.[ I promise, I will not stear you wrong.] They have spiritual journies (openly-attended / all welcome) Beautiful cabin, sage smudging, chanting, drums, discussions, pot-luck, “Love-Donations” accepted (That’s what I was told when I called keep in mind that although some events are free, we like to be charitable to those who do these services for us and do it so lovingly) and sharing our experiences.
      I do not represent the Starlight Ridge. I am merely a person who has attended several times, was VERY spiritually pleased, intend on going again, and am convinced that many-of-all openly spiritualists and pagans would not only enjoy, but from which one / they / we would benefit. It may be a possibly new way of communing with Divinity for some.
      These women have been taught by a long line of shamans.

  2. Honestly I’ve always thought of Colorado as being a more progressive state, though it is still near the “Bible Belt” area

  3. There are some around Salem mass. and sonoma County in the bay area:Sebastopol and more northern California:Arcata is exactlly that,but Sebastopol is closer to everything,and its nurturing there

  4. I would start my search in California. They’ve got to have some pagan communities. They’ve got everything else. If not, work your way north. Washington State. If not, has to be pagan communities in Alaska.

  5. I think it would depend on what kind of pagan community you are looking for. Some are very political and include a lot of activism. Some are very anti political. There are communities that are very family friendly and others that exclude the children. Some Pagan communities are very public and enjoy the support of the local government, others are closed and private.
    I live is St. Louis. It has one of the largest public Pagan communities in the country. It hosts the largest public Pagan festival anywhere in the country right downtown in a city park. It draws about 5,000 Pagans for two days of fun in early June every year for the last 18 years.
    St. Louis is for the most part very family friendly. There are Pagan kids everywhere and there are many activities for them. It is very, very easy to be open and public about your religion here. Nobody cares. We have been doing major public relations for the last twenty years. Everybody knows we are here. Nobody cares. not the police, not City Hall, not even the Christians.
    In all the years we have been hosting public events here, not once have we ever been picketed or had a public ritual interrupted by protesters. There are thousands of us here. Hard to believe but it’s true.


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