Home Discussion Forum Where in The Bible talks about reincarnation and purgatory?

Where in The Bible talks about reincarnation and purgatory?


  1. Reincarnation – “It is ordained that each man die once, and then comes judgment”. That pretty well rules out reincarnation and multiple lives.
    Purgatory – Jesus to the leaders of the Church He founded … “whatsoever you bind upon earth is bound in heaven”; “the Holy Spirit will guide you into all truth”; “he who hears you hears Me”. Purgatory is the binding teaching of the Church Christ founded. Therefore it is bound in heaven, guaranteed true, and is the Word of God. But only if you accept what the Bible says. Most Protestants don’t.

  2. The Bible says that by two or three witnesses is a thing established.
    Here are four dozen. (If you’re not Catholic, feel free to take the few not in the smaller Bible with a grain of salt) http://www.chnetwork.org/forums/forum20/5882.html
    Just out of curiosity, I wonder why a person who has a question about Catholic doctrine not ask Catholics about it, and instead ask on a site dominated by atheist trolls and other spiritual illiterates. Is it because staying in ignorance is easier than facing the possibility one might be wrong?


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