where in kansas city can i buy a Buddha statue?

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i would like a nice, (not from walmart or target) buddha statue to have in my room. i dont want anything to cheap (price doesnt really matter but i dont want anything that will disrespect)
thank you!

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Look for any sort of metaphysical shop in town. Or you can check ebay, craigslist, or amazon.com.
A “cheap” buddha isn’t disrespectful. It’s the intent behind having one that matters.


idol worship or making an idol according to Buddhist Scripture is illegal.
and Buddha never said i am god worship me according to their scriptures.

terrified by spiders

Try that place called “Temple Slug” or something like that. It’s on the south side of Westport, been there a long time, started as a place that sold mainly futons. The address might be 43rd street, but I’m not sure. It’s west of Broadway.


Kansas city? what’s that?
Buddhas disrespect Islam that’s why the Taliban blow them up..

Just Sam

I went to a bookstore once, somewhere in KC Mo, with my sister. They had all sorts of that sort of thing. I think she also attends Al-Anon meetings there; it might have been more of a community center or spiritual center. All I can tell you is that it is North KC MO. There are also tons of places online. I bought a nice, tiny bronze statue online a long time ago. You can get them in all sizes and materials too.


Believe it or not, I was wondering the same thing. I will coming to Kansas City next week from Texas. There is a Rime Buddhist Center, 700 West Pennway, Kansas City, MO that has a gift shop “Gem Tree Gift Shop, which mentions statues, etc.
It is a Tibetan Buddhist center so they should have nice quality statues from Nepal, at least I hope so!!!
Hope this helps…


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