Home Discussion Forum where in kansas city can i buy a Buddha statue?

where in kansas city can i buy a Buddha statue?

i would like a nice, (not from walmart or target) buddha statue to have in my room. i dont want anything to cheap (price doesnt really matter but i dont want anything that will disrespect)
thank you!


  1. Look for any sort of metaphysical shop in town. Or you can check ebay, craigslist, or amazon.com.
    A “cheap” buddha isn’t disrespectful. It’s the intent behind having one that matters.

  2. idol worship or making an idol according to Buddhist Scripture is illegal.
    and Buddha never said i am god worship me according to their scriptures.

  3. Try that place called “Temple Slug” or something like that. It’s on the south side of Westport, been there a long time, started as a place that sold mainly futons. The address might be 43rd street, but I’m not sure. It’s west of Broadway.

  4. I went to a bookstore once, somewhere in KC Mo, with my sister. They had all sorts of that sort of thing. I think she also attends Al-Anon meetings there; it might have been more of a community center or spiritual center. All I can tell you is that it is North KC MO. There are also tons of places online. I bought a nice, tiny bronze statue online a long time ago. You can get them in all sizes and materials too.

  5. Believe it or not, I was wondering the same thing. I will coming to Kansas City next week from Texas. There is a Rime Buddhist Center, 700 West Pennway, Kansas City, MO that has a gift shop “Gem Tree Gift Shop, which mentions statues, etc.
    It is a Tibetan Buddhist center so they should have nice quality statues from Nepal, at least I hope so!!!
    Hope this helps…


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