Where in ireland can i buy occult supplies? Ill be going to galway this year so if theres any in that town.?

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Lucky Man 2

No occult stuff in Ireland anywhere.


I sell ‘dem at ti’ end a the rainbow, begorra.

Podge and Rodge

There’s plenty of occult suppliers around the place. We know for a fact that Dunnes Stores have an ‘occult supplies’ section. That’s where we get all our occult supplies from.
The Argos catalogue has some as well although their range wouldn’t be as extensive as that offered by Dunnes.


Just reading this. Actual lol

Misty Blue



There was a shop in ‘shop’ street, Galway where I bought my last set of Tarot cards (oh about 12 years ago)
Dunno if they are still in business though, worth checking out.

Orla C

Lots of places where you can buy occult supplies in Ireland!
Try http://www.goldenpages.ie and type in occult supplies and see what you end up with.


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