Home Discussion Forum Where in Illinois can I get a degree in Parapsychology?

Where in Illinois can I get a degree in Parapsychology?

I’m not moving out of state, and parapsychology is one of the many things I’m interested in.


  1. There isn’t an accredited school in Illinois (or the US for that matter) that offers a bachelor’s degree program in parapsychology. It’s not generally recognized as a science nor is it a paying field of study. I’d recommended going into psychology (or a physical science if you’re so inclined).

  2. There are schools that offer degrees in parapsychology, but none in Illinois. You can find more information about the schools available by searching other similar questions in this forum about degrees in parapsychology. I listed one link below.
    Your best bet to study parapsychology is to study a scientific field and focus on research methods and analysis techniques. You then have to either make contact with a research center that works in parapsychology (like the Rhine research center in North Carolina) or you can always start performing your own research. I have known a few people who have gotten into the field by doing independent research and publishing their results in one of the established parapsychology journals.
    One additional (and important) note: There is not very much research money available for parapsychologists in the US. If you plan to work within that field, you will likely have to work as a researcher in another field to make money unless you are independently wealthy. I hope this information is helpful!

  3. University of Chicago: find a research psychologist at Roosevelt campus
    University of Illinois: find the same or philosophy prof at Uof I here
    (217) 333-2137 – 52 E Gregory Dr, Champaign, IL
    Also, many colleges allow you to write your own degree program if you can find a sponsor at tht college. Several friends have done that very thing in order to get the field they want.
    Good luck with your hunt.

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