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Where I could learn about tarot cards?

I write a fanfic where I require tarot cards for each characters, so I’ll need a web page information where tarot cards meanings are listed specifically. Anyone know where?


  1. but the thing is…each card in a tarot deck has different meanings per deck/per person. there are base meanings for the major arcana but still each person can get so many other meanings from them.
    for the minor arcana it that is very dependant on the deck, and the reader, plus their connection.
    this will give you the basic meanings of the major arcana though. http://www.thelostfound.com/tarot/cards/meanings/major.html

  2. I’m not sure but you could use goggle. Just be warned that every deck has its own specific meanings for the court cards and the minor arcana cards along with the symbols. Also some decks have stories to go along with the meaning of all 72 cards. But goggling it should give you the basics.

  3. sorry no, i dont know any sites
    but, i do know that usually there is a book that you get along with the cards you buy, if you didnt get a book, you need to get one
    so that means probably buying a new set that has a book
    (i have several sets)
    its better than having a web site anyway, cos that way you have the info there instead of having to copy it out or look it up all the time


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