where from the energy of the earth quake came from and why is it not equally distributed?






“movement of plates and accumulation of stain and then sudden discharge of energy”. this how earth quake is explaned but to movethe plate there must besome energy required then where frome it came and why it is not equally distributed to wole earth? what are diffrent sources of this energy (total root track)?


  1. faults..
    earth’s crust or anything is in equal distribution…
    there are faults when break becomes an earthquake…
    earthquake may be caused by faults that has done its limits

  2. The plates float on top of molten iron in the earth’s core. As the iron flows the plates may shift. Think of it like swimming pool with many rafts on top. If the water moves from walking by the raft or other such water movement, the raft moves a little bit. This is the same idea as the earth’s plates moving.

  3. The tectonic plates are moving because of the convection current under tectonic plates.The point where the energy is released called the focus (Hypocenter).This will be in the plate boundary.Because of the geographical condition and different waves are propagated in different angle and different speeds and different strength. Only the primary and secondary waves are propagated from the point focus. The other 2 dangerous waves are coming from the surface of earth due to reflection and refraction of those basic waves. Visit my slide show to know more on this subject.
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