Where exactly is Kundalini located?

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Hi everyone,
I’m not new to energy work or meditation so I feel prepared to start kundalini work. I am just confused as to where I should focus. I have read in Indian literature that kundalini resides at the base of the spine (at the very tip of the tail bone). But I have also read that kundalini is located at the perineum (the spot halfway between the anus and genitals. Which is the actual location of kundalini? So I know exactly where to focus when doing kundalini work.
Many thanks for your responses 🙂

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I would suggest the tip of the tail bone just above the anus. But either would work.


Glossary in THOTH:
Kulakundalini : the latent spiritual consciousness in the state of unawareness (ignorance) at the base of the spine at the first chakra. It is also called “the sleeping serpent.” Only when the kulakundalini has been awakened and risen to higher chakras (from the lower self, the first three chakras, to the higher chakras) can the true spiritual knowledge be gained, by His Grace. Then such a person sees the light of the kundalini, not only within but everywhere. This is called “to be born again.”
from Maitreya: http://www.maitreya.org/English/Satsangs%201999+/2003/04_05_03.htm
” The first step in the Eternal Divine Path is awakening of your spiritual forces. Twelve thousand years ago at the time of Noah, God made the spiritual forces of the human latent in the very bottom of their spines, what many Mystics call the kulakundalini. That latent spiritual force is your birthright to awaken and see the truth.
The fastest way to do that is to meditate, to use the mantra that the Mission has given to you, to create an environment to be able to sit, meditate, and awaken your spiritual forces. So the first step is meditation, knowing thyself, to know thyself to know God, God and you are one, recognizing and realizing that not only God and you are one, but God is Everything. Everything out there is a part of God.”

Z petsluv

Kundalini is located right above the anus at the very start of the tail bone area.
Hope you get to feel the power but make sure you are ready. Some people get scared out of their mind.


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