Sunday, September 26, 2021

Where does your conciseness go after death?

Please don’t get religious on me. I used to believe myself and believe me I’ve heard it all before. I would love the opinion of the scientific or just the educated masses in general; What happens to your energy that you posses within upon death? Your brain produces dymethyl triptamine in the pineal gland and then stops. Where does your conscience-self go? Does it transform in to something else? To what? I realize that this question is as old as mankind but I am curious what death researchers and the metaphysical and scientific communities have come up with so far as to looking in to this age-old question. I want to know what happened to my brother after he jumped off that cliff.
I miss him so much.


  1. When you die your brain ceases operation along with the rest of your body, you lose conciseness and it never returns. The same thing happens to every other animal on this planet.

  2. if he dies peacefully i dunno, but if he dies unhappy he will become a ghost…well at least dats wat i beleive…oh and sorry 4 ur brother, it must be painfull for u 🙁

  3. Intelligent question..As with myself after my fiancee and mother died suddenly close to each other many years back, until something happens in our lives, we dont usually have reason to search for this truth..I am not religious in any degree either..What I learned was from direct personal experience.
    Our 3D physical body is not who we truly are, but is only a temporary 3D vehicle which 5D spiritual us needs to manifest on 3D Earth, as without it we would be invisible *spirits*..
    Spiritual us, our true Self, is a 5D or higher spark of consciousness which never dies, but exists in our natural *home*, the world of Spirit, often called Heaven by those who are religious, from which we all come and to which we all eventually return..It is separated from 3D physical us by frequency
    Our 3D physical senses are only attuned to be able to perceive 3D frequencies of sight and sound, but it is possible to realize that within us, our spiritual body has senses attuned to the higher levels of life beyond this one, with some more sensitive people regularly having such experiences, increasingly now as our general consciousness level is rising as we near 2012..
    Ive learned over the years to sit quietly and meditate, stilling my 3D physical senses, which has gradually enabled me with much practice to become aware of the subtle telepathic thoughts and messages which sometimes come from our loved ones in the world of Spirit..Ive noticed that the stronger the personality of the communicator, the stronger and clearer the *signal* or message..Shy, senitive people, have difficulty in communicating with us in that way, but NOONE ever dies, only their temporary 3D body!..
    Another way of looking at that simple truth that we are not our physical bodies is that, every night when we go to bed and relax, spiritual us (our consciousness) leaves to enable our physical body to rest and recuperate and, because WE are then absent, our sleeping physical form cannot respond to normal stimulus until spiritual us returns in the morning and we again wake up!
    The whole idea behind meditation, prayer, contemplation and the like is to allow our conscious awareness to drift beyond our 3D *reality* and thus enable our inner Spiritual self to more clearly perceive the higher *reality* with which it is linked..
    Finally, a simple truth which will give you comfort..We are ALL telepathic..All forms of life are but we have forgotten..How often have you suddenly thought of someone, the phone rings and, guess who!?…
    When we think OF someone, here or hereafter, we think TO that person and they will be aware of our thought and the emotion behind it, as telepathy can travel between different dimensions..
    Again, with practice, it is possible to learn how to have a gentle exchange of thoughts with loved ones in the beyond, but always our 3D logical brain which can never accept anything that is NOT 3D, will doubt anything that we are conscious of and instead tell us it was imagination..After 44 years, I KNOW it isnt!
    It is wise to find ways to learn more about these things before *playing around* with them, for there are many levels in the world of Spirit, and there are some who would deceive us..Always start with a prayer asking for protection from negativity and visualize, if that is what you choose to do..THere are many books written about this, and my own inner guidance has just suggested you might like to look at MATTHEWBOOKS.COM where much genuine and sincere info will be found..

  4. I’m so sorry about your brother. This may sound painful, but the scientific answer is that there is no credible evidence supporting the idea that your consciousness can survive the death of your brain, and quite a bit of evidence to the contrary. It’s like blowing out a candle: the flame doesn’t go anywhere, it just ceases to exist. However, your memories of your brother obviously live on within you. They won’t make the pain go away, but they can help you go through your loss.I

  5. your brain shuts down meaning that you no longer think and there is nothing you wont even know that you are dead becuase there is nothiing

  6. im so sorry bot u brother my best mate died then me 3 brothers so i now that its like
    my brothers died in Afghanistan! i think they all came to whatch over makin sure we dont do things we regret he could be anywhere but he will always be with you and me!
    we r in it together


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