Where does you consciousness reside?

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Consciousness is not dependant of the physcal form as it is within the self and outside the self upon physical death. Each cell within the body “dies” within a human lifetime; the cells are replaced one by one as needed. With that in mind, isen’t it true that ones entire body would “die” during a few years as each cell is replaced? If this is correct biology, then where might Your Consciousness reside? Does it “jump around” the body as cells die?
Just a thought.
The implication is consciousness is Not a part of the physical, nothing more. NDE’s testimony and corroboration support the implication.

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it absolutely depends on the physical form, it;s in my brain. Nobody ever had their personality instantly transformed by losing a finger, or an arm, or a leg. One bad hit to the head can have a multitude of consequences to your “consciousness”. Simple cause and effect tells me it’s in my brain.

Meat Bot

Assuming what I see is reality: It’s a pattern of structure and energy in the brain. The individual atoms may change but the pattern and interactions remain.


Its an emergent property of the trillions of connections between neurons in the brain and is a physical effect.
Now humanity has discovered that our slowest cretins can be told that souls don’t HAVE to exist.
You’re implying that consciousness is living in a single cell, that’s probably where you’ve confused yourself.


It’s very much in your brain. Although cells do die throughout your lifetime, they are able to be replaced quickly enough that the structures they form remain undamaged. If all the cells in your brain died at once, your consciousness would die with them.


You obviously have a PhD in Neuropsychology and a M.D..
You are to stupid to understand the facts so go play with your wooded blocks. Remember the round one goes in the round hole and the square ones in the square hole.


Consciuosness is a product of bioeletrical chemical activity in loops of integrated neurons. This is an active field of investigation in something called neurosciences..


its in the brain as per medicine. but few say that consciousness resides in each and every cell of the body. But the control anyway lies in the brain.

Tom Czubernat

The images neuroscience sees would appear exactly the same if the brain were a receiver, rather than a transmitter.


Going out on a limb here and say, the brain.


You make a grand assumption. Why does a nice bump on the head put you to sleep for awhile?
Where did your conciousness ‘go’ then?


“Consciousness” is the light that is the animator of the body/mind.
The indwellingness, of energy/light


My consciousness resides in my spirit, which can leave the body, so it is not limited to the physical…though it does look out from behind my eyes.


Third Ventricle heart, Back Side.
Stored information on DNA molecules unseen to the mortal eye gives enough proof that it is possible to store information on molecules of elements that are still unknown to mortals, which are these unseen elements that make up the spirit.

Tom Czubernat

Everywhere, yet it’s potential lies here.


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