Home Discussion Forum Where does the gift of telepathy supposedly originate from?

Where does the gift of telepathy supposedly originate from?

Is it genetic or a ‘gift from God’?
*Please do not mention the Mothership or being a contactee of the aliens 😉 Thanks!


  1. The closest thing to telepathy that actually exists would have to be elephant communication systems, even though that’s technically low frequency vibrations. Anything telepathic in the human world can be explained through coincidence and fraud.

  2. There is no such thing as telepathy.
    Thus there is no point of origin.
    No matter how hard you wish it was true, you will never read the thoughts of another person.
    Try with all your might!
    See? It doesn’t work.

  3. In caveman days before the language we have today, people had to rely heaviely on non-verbal communication. Some scientists believe that humans once communicated the same way you see animals in nature do (without using verbal language) I believe that in the past, telapathy was a natural part of human to human communication. The part of the brain that controls it has shrunk, like a muscle that is not used shrinks up. I trained in the psychology field and I am not the only one educated on human behavior who thinks this way. But people invested in their career won’t come out and say things others won’t accept as not to lose credibility.
    Edit: One good example of common telepathy is the mother-child bond. How some mothers get a “feeling” that their child is in danger..without having any physical way to know. Obviously there is something non-verbal linking them.


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