Home Discussion Forum Where does religious belief end and wishful thinking begin?

Where does religious belief end and wishful thinking begin?

Yes, it would be nice if there was some immortal soul tucked away in the pineal gland, but medical science has yet to find it. They’ve turned the body inside out, no soul.
Why does the mysticism surrounding consciousness still persist? Consciousness is a biological function it perishes with your body. A hard pill to swallow, I know.
Fireball- Poor little Fireball. I don’t think you comprehend my meaning.


  1. in our brains we wish for many things AND GOD CAN MAKE ALLOT OF IT COME TRUE….WE ARE NOT yet immortal!!!!
    your avator is offensive…use birds please….

  2. ***Why does the mysticism surrounding consciousness still persist? ***
    Because few people understand how it works. Not being able to comprehend nonexistence, they assume that existence is eternal, which, when coupled with an innate fear of death, leads to the belief in a supernatural afterlife, in which their specific personalities somehow survive in perpetuity.
    It’s a radical bit of nonsense.

  3. You make the mistake of equating anything that cannot be scientifically measured with religious belief instead of conceding the possibility that science has its limitations. There are many ways to measure and discover things about our world, but science can only measure the material world. It can show us our brain and even study where our thoughts take place within that brain, but it cannot measure the thoughts themselves. It can measure everything about our bodies, but it cannot explain the intricate nature of the person inside the body.
    There is nothing mechanical or accidental about the vast array of intelligence, personalities, and not one identical soul in the entire world. It is, in fact, scientific to assert a hypothesis that the soul exists based on the effects that we see. For instance, we cannot see the wind, and yet we assert that it exists because we can see its effects. Science simply cannot measure the soul itself due to its limitation and inadequacies to measure beyond what is physically tangible.

  4. We are in a wishful thinking world, but will soon stop as mankind perished. Religious belief end too. Only those who ignored will never see the fact neither faith nor believe.

  5. A soul you could see would by definition not be a soul.
    Reminds me of those now-discredited headlines in Nature magazine.
    Zuo, J. M.; Kim, M.; O’Keeffe, M.; Spence, J. C. H. Nature
    1999, 401, 49—52.
    “The idea of orbitals has long proved useful for describing
    atoms and their interactions mathematically, but not
    physically. Now all that’s changed. Researchers at Arizona
    State University recently published in Nature the first true
    images of atomic orbitals in Cu2O, a crystal called cuprite.”


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