where does most of the energy of the earth come from?





looking at the basic energy types (thermal, electrical, nucelar,sound, light, etc…) what it the most come on earth and where does it come from?


  1. From the sun…
    Plants use photosynthesis to nourish themselves.
    Animals use plants (and each other) for nourishment.
    Plants and animals get squished over ages to become oil.
    Other forms of energy come from the nature of our planet… which probably spun out of the same massive ball of nuclear fusion of which the sun is a recognizable remnant.

  2. the light energy is obvious-sun
    but others like thermal -carbon compunds formed over millions of years using light, gravity etc may be even big bang energy(just a blind guess)
    wind energy-i guess its temperature diff created by sun
    nuclear energy-probably formed during formation of universe & soler system

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