Where does Ego lead one to on the spiritual path?







  1. Well I for one had too let go my ego. I either humble myself or God is more than willing to show me how too. ♥ ” ♥ ☺

  2. I was going to add something here but, truly everyone here has it!
    Praise the Lord God! 😀
    Peace and Blessings

  3. It leads me to really let go of my same ole’ exceptable BS & to really focus on what I want & to turn it over to the Higher Power & manifest already.

  4. Blessings to all When you make up your mind to walk with God that means we have decided to leave the old man behind meaning we are a new creation in Christ ego will cause you to fall back again or to turn away from the will of God in your life, you will go back to your old self over again , it will lead us to the path of destruction pain, loneliness, and self pity , ego is pride and a strong attitude and we cannot please the Lord this way, yes we will encounter struggles while we are walking but if we let go and let God handle it and be strong in the Lord .and in the power of His might God will lead us closer to him.As we walk along with Him I like this question! Peace and Light to all.

  5. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
    “Is the donkey allowed to ride man, or does man decide to ride the donkey?”
    Every human being has multiple ego’s, of which ego do you speak?
    Each of these ego’s that dwell within a human being must be addressed in a specific fashion.
    Each must be brought under a ‘true human beings’ control.
    There are four layers or levels of ego within each human being. They must be dealt with separately.
    The very minute one thinks one has control of the ego, one of the other ego’s starts to bite and cause man great pain.
    They can individually be very harmful if not placed under a ‘true human beings’ guidance and control.
    The last stage of a human beings ego’s is difficult to manage and overcome.
    One must use trickery to deceive all of them and put them each in their proper place.
    Man must learn to ride the ego and not allow the ego to ride man.
    It’s a tough job but it’s a duty that man must fulfill.
    Peace be always with you.

  6. Strangely, it is actually our Ego that leads us to Spirituality. There are two forces in Nature: Giving and Receiving. Us humans are controlled by our desire to receive (Ego), and it guides us everywhere in life. However, once we reach a certain point of development within this Ego, we find ourselves in a state where we can’t fulfill ourselves anymore, and we begin to question the meaning of life.
    At this point, one desires Spirituality, and this desire can only be reached by completing our previous development within the Ego. The emergence of this specific desire to Spirituality is the emergence of the internal quality of Giving within us. After we have a desire for Spirituality, we have to use our Ego as a tool of Spiritual development. It is similar to walking. First we have to step with our left foot (Our Ego) and then our right foot (Spiritual quality) in order to advance. I recommend these links in reference to where your Ego is leading you:

  7. Pure ego is necessary for the path
    it is in the final end, that ego too has to be left and we merge into the truth

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