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Where does consciousness come from?

If anyone’s answer is going to simply be, “The brain”, then how does the brain awake to consciousness?


  1. That is an unanswerable question. At least in this life. We are told that even before we were born into the spirit world, we always existed as intelligences. At this juncture of our existence, it is not for us to know what that means but where ever there is intelligence, there is consciousness.

  2. Humans have the tendency to quantify things. consciousness is the result when we try to quantify ourselves. it can be considered the processing of all of teh different inputs into our bodies from our senses. once we are given the information, our brains decide what to do with it. when we try to gather input about ourselves, then consiousness is born.
    a little off topic, but computers havent yet because they still need to be told what to do. once they have the ability to actually learn, we can teach them about themselves, then they too will have conciousness, and it will probably change our whole definition of the word
    just my opinion..im no psychologist

  3. The energy that we truly are. Some refer to it as the soul. A soul is merely conscious energry that never dissipates. The body dies but the soul energy does not.

  4. i begin to wonder if i shouldn’t take philosophy off of the growing list of YA categories i try not to visit. the reason? people are asking the most fundamental questions about existence, in a forum where people can’t even spell, “i don’t know, but thanks for the two points!”, correctly. i’ve been saying this all night, and it becomes tedious (i know; i don’t have to be here), but the philosophy of thought and consciousness has been being continually argued, by people better qualified to argue it, for a couple of centuries, AT VERY LEAST. the answer will not be found at YA! y’have t’read the thoughts of the earliest philosophers, on up, and they’re not stopping, even now (they get paid well and/or are obsessed). at the very least, begin with, “i think, therefore i am”, if you want to skip the earlier thoughts (lazy!). the writings of these philosophers – all but the most recent, and, to understand those, you need to have read their predecessors’ work – are in the public domain, and may be read online, or printed out, in a public library, if necessary (already printed versions reside, therein, as well, for free! hardly anyone checks ’em out, either.), gratis. try project gutenberg, for a start: http://www.gutenberg.org/

  5. Consciousness is perhaps our portal into the other dimensions beyond the ones that are commonly recognized by Science(Space + Time). Therefore Consciousness, like space and time always exists.

  6. I will still have to say the brain.
    First of all it is obvious that there is a correlation between brain and consciousness. No Brain means no consciousness. Also it is PROVED that states of the brain alter person’s consciousness. For example if one imbibes liquor the brain changes, and consequently the consciousness changes.
    Thus all evidence points to brain states causing mental states.
    However i agree that question like HOW does the brain causes mental states, and WHAT are the mind states are very hard and are not solved yet.

  7. Consciousness is a symptom of the presence of the soul, the life force, so consciousness is the energy of the spirit soul. But consciousness is exhibited in different degrees according to the body. The consciousness is there in all living beings, but it is more or less apparent in different species. A dog can exhibit at least as much consciousness as a human baby and both are living beings or souls, but a tree has much less development of consciousness, even though it also has life force or a soul. It is the soul that animates the body and makes the body ‘alive’. The body itself is never alive actually. The body is bag of chemicals that is animated by the soul. When the soul leaves the body this is called death and no consciousness is ever possible in that body even if the brain was considered to be in a healthy condition at the time of death.

  8. For me that is a chicken and egg question sorta
    like asking what came first the chicken or the egg but avoiding the use of the word first.
    Somethings cannot be answered sufficiently!

  9. I’m sorry, I do not have an answer to your question…I am compelled to say, how much I enjoy your avatar.
    Hope you find your answer here.


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