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Where does and what is the significance of dust that you see in the air come from?

by skahhh:

Is this dust that you can see in sunlight floating in the air, the particulate matter of creation itself perhaps? Ghostly, spiritual matter perhaps which can accumulate and cause death in us or healing depending on what it is called on to do? Were there mystics over time who have summoned its energy?

Answer by suicideblonde
get your head outta the clouds! its time to dust your house.


  • Dust is a very small particles of soil or someting of materials.Dust is floating in the air and then laid down on earth.leaves of trees etc.For muslims if we have no water for washing before praying In emergency condition we can use dust for rubbing our face and hands before praying.It is stated in our Hadith.It is caused that dust is sacred.and not dirty.

  • Dusts are of nature of the surrounding. Depending upon the nature it may some time brings good or bad. If you are in the environment of TB organism and if you do not have resistance, you will get TB. So if you leave it to the Lord God and have some precautions, hygiene, and prayer, you need not worry about it thinking negatively.

  • More than half of it is just dried up skin cells, and plant matter. the rest is just ground up sand particles. but nice try

  • Go ask the company that makes “Swiffer”and call us when you get an answer – ’cause now I’m riveted…

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