Home Discussion Forum Where do you go when you die? Is reincarnation real?

Where do you go when you die? Is reincarnation real?

Was I a dog in my past life or a fish I do not know. What happens when you pass away? Is it just lights out and bam, gone? Has anybody experienced this??


  1. No one will ever know until they die, People say they see a white tunnle others say they see themselves and others say they dont see anything they just dont exist until they woke up. Impossible to know. Because i believe in science i dont think people get to heaven or hell nor do i believe in ghosts. I think you simply… die.

  2. Yes, i have experienced this. Because i am dead. And my ghost is haunting the internet! While my soul is now a carpenter ant which lives in my floor that i had before i was dead. So clearly, most people on the internet have experienced death. I mean, what would a live person be doing on the internet?

  3. nobody knows actually. because if someone were to experience death they would have no possible way of explaining it to you, or someone because the person that died would be dead… .

  4. 1) Either in the ground or in the incinerator.
    2) Honestly, there is no possible way anyone could know this for sure, but my guess, based on everything we know about biology is, NO.

  5. reincarnation is the movement from one body to another. i believe that after one dies they are reborn into the human world again as another human.

  6. Personally, I believe in reincarnation, but not through a religion. To me, it just is the answer that makes sense. (I don’t mean this to be offensive at all, it’s just how I think) But, to me, the idea of everything ending is as hard to get my mind around as the idea that there is some infinitely huge Other Place where every human soul that has ever lived ends up residing in. To me, the idea of a continuation of sorts just makes sense. After all, our bodies continue as they are broken down and reused by the earth. The water we drink also exists in an endless cycle. The moon cycles, energy cycles. To me, the idea of our essence, the thing that makes us US, should logically cycle as well. Why should our humanity – our us-ness, a soul if you’d like – be the only thing to have a random, miraculous beginning and a random, total end?
    About people knowing this though… I don’t think we are made to remember past lives. Does a water droplet recall being part of the sea? Then again, we have more to us, perhaps. We have a consciousness – unlike a water droplet. Still, I think we are meant to forget. I don’t think it matters, once we are here. Whatever reason we are reincarnated – to fix mistakes, to be punished, or just because that is how it is – I don’t think that matters. And, frankly, I think the idea of reincarnation is humbling. Most likely, I have been a peasant, a soldier, a thief, a hanged man. I may have been born disfigured, I may have died from disease in my youth. I think it is also a… moral idea. Like, I have been all races, I have been both genders, I have been all sorts of different things because, really, what difference would a different body have upon who I am on the inside? If you took out my ME and looked at just my soul, how could you tell I was a white female?
    Still, perhaps some people DO know who they have been before. If a sheep can be born with five legs by mistake, I guess a soul could be cycled with an extra memory, too.
    Sorry for the rambling, I tend to get far off topic in these sorts of things! But, yes, I do believe in reincarnation. 🙂

  7. No there is no such thing as reincarnation. If you are a believer in God, you will go to Heaven for eternity 🙂 There is a purpose of us living on earth, it’s not just live life then bam!… Gone. Your life truly begins when you die.

  8. For a light-hearted look at Heaven, Hell, & reincarnation, take a look at The Ultimate State by Anton Morse, on Amazon.


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