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Where do you believe your consciousness/mind/soul is located?

The more I learn in life the more I think consciousness is not located within the body at all. I honestly don’t think it is even within this dimension. But rather it is somehow controlling this body, integrating with the brain to perceive this reality with the physical senses, but from a vantage point beyond time & space & beyond this reality.
I am also wondering when we die would we be aware of its location, or perhaps have a new body that is also controlled in a similar way.
What are your thoughts on this? Where do you think your consciousness is located? If it even has a location…
hmm some interesting answers, thank you everyone.


  1. maybe you’re dealing with conscience and conviction. however, this is the type of question you have to understand only civilized people ask. If it was kill or be killed and a less progressive society we were in, we’d probably be talking about who had the biggest gun. therefore, in that sense, it’s all about survival.
    Therefore, you’re answer is, “in the best of these.” ie the best of your alma mater, your family, your church, your country, etc. that is generally the person that carries the agenda of an entire community on his shoulders.

  2. I don’t think it’s anywhere. Since it has no physical presence, it doesn’t need to take up space, nor actually exist anywhere. I believe it just “is”.

  3. According to metaphysics our physical body is only a part of our whole body. We have several other bodies that compound us as well.
    Here is a link where you can read about it. is quite interesting.
    I personally believe that our essence in our physical body is not on the brain but in our hearts. I think the brain is like a hard drive.

  4. Scientists strongly believe consciousness is located in the brain. De default, so is the mind.
    If the soul exists, it might be in the brain too.

  5. your question is pretty deep, i have no answer for most of it, but if i had to pick a part of the body that i thought the soul was i would pick the frontal lobe of the brain, that is where most of you personality is located and what defines you attitude-wise
    the brain is pretty amazing in how the back of the brain, often called the brain stem controls breathing and heart beat, etc.
    but the frontal lope, your personality, is almost totally separated from this control-wise and give the sense that you are not really a part of your physical self or in other words you feel that your mind “by that i mean soul” and your physical body is somehow totally separate
    but this is just my personal feelings on the subject, not really in the text books per say, so i could be wrong

  6. The portion of your spirit that inhabits your physical body is not all there is, just as your conscious mind is only one portion of your entire mind.
    Our spirit, in its entirety, is multifaceted and uncontainable. Just as parts of us are incapable of existing in other areas, (our bodies can not exist where our spirit goes upon bodily death), some parts of our spirit can not exist here.
    Those parts of spirit can not conform to the laws of physics and meta-physical laws that govern this area.
    The purpose of our conscious minds, (its function), is to steer, protect, provide for our physical requirements, (keeps us from walking off a cliff for example).
    When we shed our physical bodies, that function will not be necessary, so that part of the mind is shed with the body.
    Our sub- and super-conscious minds are not required for physical functions, and therefore are not restricted to our bodies. Obviously, we can not have our conscious minds running willy-nilly all over the place, so it is restricted to our bodies.
    Our meta-physical bodies, (other, different form that our spirits inhabit), also requires leadership, so other part of our mind, (that we can not access consciously), takes on that role.

  7. I don’t think it has a location, but because we live in a world which cultivates carnal identity, it is hard for us to imagine how something (non-physical in this case) could exist if it exists in zero dimension spatially and nowhere at the same time.

  8. What is a conciounce? From the devil probably anyway I have a heart where the soul (feelings, emotions) emanate from. Its in the blood and bones (marrow0
    Leonardo davincci said bones were like rocks and the water flowing is like the blood or a river. See hit the rock and the water will flow?
    The mind is a double source of confusion to me. It has to be balanced by the heart which can never be wront. thats why king David was after the very heart of God.


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