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Where do I go to prove to folks that a new world order is comming?

I got a project to do for my class and the teacher wants me to prove a new world order is comming.I know you folks who dont believe in it will send me many funny links thats cool, but I need real information to prove one is comming .
I mean more of one world government control when i talk of new world order


  1. From who`s perspective are you talking about. More Government control or a revolution of the people? A new world order from which source? Ok, Try reading Noam Chomsky – Failed States, Greg Palast – The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, Naomi Klein – No Logo. This should see you on the right track. Best of luck. You may be a promising student of anti – capitalism.

  2. the truth, maybe he can’t prove it and he thinks you can. what do you mean by a new world order is what you should include in your question. i think that your teacher may be going fishing

  3. try some of these:
    1. It never happened before – it rains when experts say that it wont.
    2. We were made to beleive that man marries a woman and vice versa – now governments and societies are openly permitting a man to marry a man and the woman is free.
    3. so far it was that a mother gives birth to a young one. Now i am told that a young one created from the hair of the old one – tehy call it biogenitics – i hope God knows.
    4. we thought that a man is permitted to beleive in his own God. now we are told that unless we beleive in his God, some person has the right to kill us.
    5. We beleived that God is a part of us, but now we are told to keep him out.
    besides the above, i have one pps piece. if interested i can send it to you.

  4. Even if you dont believe in this religon check out the page ww.watchtower.org Iknow many people do school work from their page and get good information from there good luck with ur project

  5. Teacher is right, the muslims are coming. Read Mosques and Miracles, we aint seen nothing yet.
    Armed wars will be a press of the button

  6. That is what the United Nations is attempting to do. Also look up
    The World Court. The United Nations is trying to ban gun
    ownership worldwide, Why because you have to disarm ,the
    people before you tell them ,you are taking them over.

  7. If you think so, start here. However, if you think these extremeists are going to convert us to become Muslims, forget it. It just won’t happen. 9/11 didn’t arouse the world enough, but if they push it they WILL be sorry. According to the Old Testament, the early Kings like Saul would ask the prophet if God is on their side. Although, never been privledged to speak to the BIG BOSS, he is not going to have a new world order via Muslims.


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