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Where do I buy a singing bowl?


  1. Okay, I’ll bite: What’s a singing bowl? Is it one of those things Ben Franklin invented where you rub a wetted finger on a spinning bowl to make beautiful sounds?

  2. In Canada, you can get them at a store called Green Earth (don’t know if they have that store in other countries).
    Most new age type stores will have them or you can order them from Pagan type sites on the internet.

  3. I think that when you buy a singing bowl, you should be able to choose one ‘hands on’. There are stores that are called import stores. There is one in SF and they have all sorts of metaphysical stuff but they aren’t considered a metaphysical store.
    My advice is to try and google your city and “singing bowls import” and see what you come up with. You can also add ‘tibetan’ to that search. You should be able to find the stores in your area that carry them that way.

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