Home Discussion Forum Where do I apply for a job as a psychic medium?

Where do I apply for a job as a psychic medium?

I think I may have psychic powers and I could really use the money. I want to buy my own house.


  1. Why did you write out this question instead of just using your psychic powers to get the answer yourself?

  2. you dont, you create it. its one of the oldest profession scams going since the beginning of time just like prostitution just that they offer an experience thats more enjoyable than yours. great point by the one above me. well hes not a fortune teller, just someone who talks to the dead.

  3. Research the internet for popular sights such as Keen, Kasamba or California Psychics to name a few. They all have links regarding gaining employment with them. Just remember to work with Integrity, because Karma can be a real B**tch. Good Luck.


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