where did the writers of grimoires learn magic?

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seems like the farther i get from whatever source that is the more whackos like aleister crowley get their fingers in everything…i know i’ve been asking permutations of this question over and over, but i could really use a way to learn about this kind of magic while keeping my feet clean.

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If you are referring to the medieval grimoires then they were more than likely passed on as part of an underground tradition that originated in near-eastern Paganism and Judaism, though that tradition was systematically re-organized to accommodate theories set forth by the Cabala. The process was actually not dissimilar to modern approaches to Magick.


Crowley was a drug and sex addicted nut-job. He started out in established groups (Golden Dawn and the Freemasons) but after he broke from them his insanity and abuses took over.
You’re best bet is to stick with the ones that are closer to the original sources since most of those were probably written by people that came from established (but kept secret for fear of oppression and threat to life) family traditions.


Most grimoires were compiled by people who were apprenticing to the village midwife/herbalist/shaman. Since witchcraft was primarily an oral tradition, and the practicioners did not know how to write, it was not until the 1900’s that we began seeing “books” of spells, herbal remedies, etc. Those who knew how to write began doing so, and the oral knowledge that was being passed began to slowly include written material.


i agree with the above answer, Crowley was a nut-job. Now as for your question, my simple answer will be THOU ART NOT PERMITTED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!…………………take care my good gentleman!…..


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