Where did the foundation or belief in reincarnation start? Who started it in the first place?

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Atheists for Lunch Bunch

The Hindus. The Majarishi Majesh Yogi?

ƒorever wi†ch

Hinduism many thousands of years before christianity.


Satan did with Eve when he said “ye shall not surely die..”


Ancient Eastern followers of philosophy.

Light and Truth

Reincarnation, often known as metapsychosis, is an ancient doctrine. It dates from the earliest corruption of truth, from the very dawn of human history, when mankind first departed from the simple principles of the gospel. In some form it has existed at all times in all lands. It is an excellent example of the distortion of beautiful, fundamental truths.
The doctrine of reincarnation really destroys personality as connected with earth life. The perpetual passage of spirits from body to body on earth, implies that the Lord is using the earth as a playground for a few spirits. As one writer remarks, the soul of the ancient patriarch Seth was probably the spirit of the great prophet Moses. Thus, individuality on the earth is lost. Temporal identification is hopelessly confused. There is no end to the disorder, for the process of reincarnation is unending. That violates the innate desire, even need, of man, for an individual, personal identity on earth as in heaven.
By reincarnation the power of God seems also to be limited. He uses the same, relatively few, spirits over and over again, endlessly, to accomplish whatever may be his purpose. He seems to be short of material and vague in his purpose. This is out of harmony with the gospel, which teaches that there is a host of spirits waiting to take upon themselves mortal bodies, and that the next stage of existence will come when this has been accomplished.


i haven’t researched it much but i bet it goes back farther than hindu, it was most likely cavemen times, someone would die and then their son or daughter would look like them so they thought they had been reborn, or the son or daughter knew things and had the memory of a dead relative

my friend

In the Vedic scriptures and writings, as part of Hinduism, the oldest organized religion of man with the oldest written scriptures.

Brother Trucker

This belief is one of the oldest in the history of mankind. I am not aware of any foundation.


Apparently it started in Mesopotamia. According to archaeological findings that show the many social structures of the civilization,and of course the bible. Aryan tribes in those days not only were polytheists, they also believed in reincarnation amongst other theories on the afterlife. One thing that will remain constant in history is that religion has many flavors and many versions of a story will be found.

It's That Guy

Reincarnation is a feature of the dharmic family of religions–Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, etc. These religions believe that the universe is eternal, that it always existed and always will. And that we all come back again and again, in a status based on our karma. This process is called samsara, or ‘the wheel of suffering’. In each life we learn a little and eventually we reach ‘nirvana’.
The concept doesn’t belong exclusively to Hinduism but it originated with traditions that preceded Hinduism, thousands of years ago.
Reincarnation doesn’t fit so well with the Abrahamic religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) because these religions believe that the physical universe is only temporary, that God created the universe as part of some big plan and he will destroy it when the plan is complete. Abrahamic religions believe that everyone gets one life here on earth and then goes on to the Next Thing.

Spiritual Philosopher

Belief in reincarnation is a very old traditional superstition,
which is an irrational belief arising from ignorance or fear.


Elijah –> aka John the Baptist
Law –> Law: wrath to come?
God hath NOT appointed us to wrath.
Only what began can end. Law began, twice.
Eternal Grace has neither beginning nor end.


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