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Where did religion originate and why do people still put faith in it?

Now, I don’t mean to offend anyone with this question. Everybody is entitled to their beliefs but i just find it upsetting that in the modern world of science, technology, communication and knowledge that people can still have faith in such primitive spiritual concepts.
It angers me that people devote their lives to something that is very apparently not bona fide.
Religion creates more barriers than it tears down and I just hope that one day, people realize how blind they have been…
Just like when everybody thought the earth was flat
And then there was when everyone thought the earth was the centre of the universe…
Surely a spiritual awakening steering away from primitive belief concepts is the next natural step?
Again, I hope I didnt offend anyone.
citizens of the cosmos returns, I am sorry but that is a very poor analogy


  1. Because 2000 years ago people had no idea what caused certain things so a one word summary would be GOD. Nowdays people still do not believe facts and still cling to it.

  2. The bible is a collection of stories handed down from generation to Generation, most are parable , There is a hidden meaning in the story so you have to contemplate the meanings in them. People who take them literally are either missing most of the truth or become very skeptical of the Bible. The old testament was based on the world of Cause and Effect, and an Eye for an Eye.Jesus who was totally human by the way at least until about age 28 when he found the Christ Spirit within and found that he was one with God, Then it was as if God was speaking through him. But he said that he came to nullify the Ten Commandments, that hence we would only need one and that is to “Love one another as we would be”, If we were to truly do so there would be no need for the ten because we would risen or evolved ta a place in our Consciousness where it would no longer be a consideration to break one of the Ten. There are many interpretations of the bible and many good books as well. You would be well served to read several different authors to find your own path.
    ALSO: I believe with all my heart that the second coming describes an evolutionary period when we all are quickened with the Spirit that was in Christ Jesus.

  3. You are very right you should read John lash meta history
    This book has great Information on the religions we have .
    His web site explains Our spiritual consciousness
    Hope this helps good luck

  4. The agricultural revolution was when we started believing in “religion” as opposed to the vague sense of oneness found in animism.
    Read the story of the fall of Adam and Eve again with this in mind. Clearly it is the story of the Agricultural Revolution.
    We needed religion to justify the paradigm shift when we started considering ownership of the land and food which necessitated the idea of good and evil.
    A fuller description of this interpretation of adam and eve can be found in my first source link.
    We still believe it because we are still behaving in a way contrary to the “laws” of nature. We are still plugging away at this “growth at all costs” mentality no matter how destructive it is because we “know” we are just following god’s order to be fruitful and multiply, consequences be damned.
    The only way we’ll have a spiritual awakening is if we step out of our culture of harm.

  5. You know the phrase “the quick and the dead”? People noticed right off that when something died, it stopped moving. This led to the assumption that anything moving was alive. This led to sun gods, rain gods, lightning gods, etc.
    As for why they still accept it, it has been used as an “explanation” for certain observable facts, like certain codes of conduct leading to a smoother life, then those same facts used as supposed “proofs”.
    And lately, there has been some confusion between the two theses “I have an equal right to my opinion” and “My opinion is equally right”.
    Of course, that only applies to the theistic religions.

  6. All,
    I know we have all read great books during our search for life’s meaning, but I think it is important to examine them as a whole in order to look for common threads to help decipher the truth. When I delve into physics I find that searching for the smallest particles requires the existence of an area called Hilbert space wherein multidimensionality, timelessness, and quantum probabilities reign. Then, when I research out of body experiences, near death experiences and psychic phenomenon by examining the works of authors such as Robert Monroe, Thomas Campbell, Raymond Moody, Elizabeth Kuebler-Ross, Edgar Cayce and countless others, I find that they do not necessarily conflict with such cutting edge “hard-science” predictions. Most religions also contain elements that correspond to some scientific and “paranormal” (often conducted using the scientific method) research, but they also (expectedly) appear to be heavily influenced by the cultural beliefs and political objectives of their founders and historical custodians.
    So, in a more direct response to your post, I think that you are correct when you say ”Surely a spiritual awakening steering away from primitive belief concepts is the next natural step?” Only, this spiritual awakening must be based upon personal knowledge and not trust in another person or religion’s claims. One of my favorite authors, Dr. Thomas Campbell, makes this point in a chapter on belief structures in his trilogy unifying Philosophy, Physics, and Metaphysics called “My Big TOE (Theory of Everything).
    Unfortunately, I have not had such a “knowing” experience, so I am still stuck in the “belief” area. Nonetheless, it is my current belief that all belief structures must eventually be replaced with personal knowledge that there is a reality to our existence that is much larger and more exciting than most of us (those who do not know) can possibly imagine. Once our true essence becomes knowledge for the world’s inhabitants, we will have a paradigm transformation on this planet that no coercive belief system has been able to attain!


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