Where did our consciousness come from?

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Was consciousness always a part of human life or did we gain it later on through human evolution?

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I would think we gained it through evolution.

[O]peration [I]raqi [L]iberation

First you have to define consciousness and when exactly we obtained it. Are viruses conscious? Why or why not?

Mushroom Jesus

Our consciousness comes from natural psychedelic neurochemicals created by our pineal gland, which is the 3rd eye/crown chakra/ eye of horus in these various belief systems.


mine is only from weed, I don’t know abt others. sorry.

Just Me

CON = With
SCIENCE = Knowledge
It was given to us by God so that we would know the difference between right & wrong. His God-Given Will for our lives… the Perfect Moral Law – The Ten Commandments.


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