Where did becoming a witch start from?

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Everything has a beginning, so where did witches come from?

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Satan and thoughts from him..


which witch ?

Mabel B

Wise women of pagan times, often they were midwives and undertakers too. More often than not, they lived alone and were childless, and were very much respected in the community. Then the christians came along and made examples out of them by burning them. Said they werent to be trusted as they lived alone and were childless and could perform “magic”…..

victoria l

a whitch is only a Wicca practitioner. As long as people have practicing that is as long as witches has been around.


Witches were the creation of Christians who wanted a way to ostracize or kill people who disagreed w/ them.



Maybe just happy

The same place religion came from:
humans grew smart enough to understand the restrictions nature poses upon them, and immediately started looking for a way to bypass them.
Only religion focused on escaping mortality, and witches targeted other unavoidabilities.


Satan, and his lies.




My Dear Sir,
There is not enuf proof about witches
But demons do exists


It’s another for of shamanism ..they were persecuted because they had knowledge —Ignorant people fear what they can’t comprehend


“Witches” were mostly made up by the church to kill women who helped with the birth of children because they eased the pain of childbirth and because they had ‘mystical’ knowledge which was actually just knowing what plants were good for calming and easing pain.
They also served as a scapegoat for any kind of misfortune in a town. Instead of saying the child was improperly cared for or was just sick and died, they could say a witch killed it and be free from guilt or blame.

Gem Doll

Witches go all the way back to ancient Egypt. They started out as Egyptian Priests, Chaldeans, and Pagan worshipers of the celestial. Through demonic possession they are able to do magic and perform false miracles. Many times their incantations back fire because the devil is the father of deception. No good can come out of him. It’s sad that most of them don’t realize what is happening.
It is true that many innocent women were killed during Europe’s dark ages because of ignorance.


When free thinkers decided to start taking herbs and producing medicines and stop relying on God to save them. They were burned and hanged for this. How sad.

hell$ belle$

Well, my ex-husband starting calling me a witch when I started nagging him about his drinking.


Mabel B is correct, they were wise women, and healers at first.
Then the Church decided it didn’t like those mysterious women, and victimised them.
Thankfully, life is a bit easier for witches and wiccans today. By the way, wicca was only invented in the ’60s, but it did pave the way for other new thought.


Witches were once healers…kind of like the doctors (or midwives) of a village. Once Christianity came along, those who used herbs, stones and anything considered “odd” became Witches. Because these people made use of the items that grew around their homes, and honored the turning seasons, they were mocked and badgered by those who no longer understood what they were doing. They decided that these people must be in league with the devil…doing “un-moral” things, which were perfectly acceptable until a new belief came in and turned everything natural healers did into the “occult” and believed it was dangerous, while it wasn’t to begin with.
Witchcraft was always around…it just wasn’t called that until recent centuries.


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