Home Discussion Forum Where did all the good psychics go in Cassadaga, FL?

Where did all the good psychics go in Cassadaga, FL?

For years we have gone to the Cassadaga Hotel to get readings and past life regression. I have always seen Tracy Yellowrose and recommended her to everyone I know. Now she’s gone along with most of the others.Jamie, Linda…where are you?
Now it’s not worth the trip…boo
Mikey, obviously you save tons on gas by sitting around and giving your “opinion” on valid questions.Do you actually feel better by making other people feel stupid? Don’t answer that I already know the answer. Maybe I should post it and get some other Dbags “opinion”. I know it makes you feel social, it probably makes you feel like your intelligent and making a mark in this world. I hope it took you out of the unhappiness and misery for a while. Responding to this will just prove my “opinion”.


  1. Why don’t you just stay home and flush some money down the toilet? It’s really just as effective and you save on gas and tolls that way.

  2. I have been to see Tracy Yellow Rose twice she was so good as so caring. Every single thing she told me was on the money.
    Last Friday I saw Aylah, what a joke, she was awful. Unless I find a REAL psychic there without a personal agenda I will not be back. Asked so many questions, she would ask who is the libra scorpio or gemini? Really?? 3 different signs? Totally totally off! Aylah find a new profession

  3. Tracy yellow rose still does reading she works out of home or you can talk to her on the phone .We still see her . She is great!

  4. I would love to talk to my old friend Yellowrose, I worked at the hotel as well. Jamie has been let go I don’t know about Linda. I am glad to be gone from there.

  5. We miss Tracy also, we (Kim) and I have had readings with her for years. We need to find her, any help would be appreicated
    Kevin and Kim

  6. I use to go to see Margo every year and then I learned last year she left the hotel. No one has been able to tell me where she has gone. Any ideas? She was great


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