Where did Albert Einstein do most of his work?

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hi, i need to know where Albert Einstein did most of his work for a project i am doing. I have read that he did it in many different places because he was on the move a lot, but i need MOST of his work. thank you.

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It is hard to say, he did move around a lot. I think most of his work was in Germany, but it is hard to say.
Good luck


I think that Einstein did most of his work when he worked for the Swiss Patent Office. There are a lot of sources about Einstein, and following two are helpful:
1) book: E=mc2, written by David Bodanis
2) Encyclopedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Einstein


i think he most of his work in germany where he was born


I think he did most of his work on the road. I think he didn’t even have hi on labratory!

Kailey Gaddy

I needed This Information For a Project Also.


Thanks dude


I need it for a project also


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